A bit of Golf for Rory in the off-season

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December 1, 2017

My off season work continues as I was called upon to put the Motorbase Performance all new TCR Volkswagen Golf through its paces.


The TCR Series is growing fast, with national championships being introduced to 11 different nations as well as Asian, European and International championships. Many manufacturers are backing this new concept of touring car racing. The cars are more production-based but deliver a similar performance to the more thoroughbred racing cars seen in the BTCC and WTCC. The budgets are considerably smaller too and the good thing is that all the different series share the same regulations, meaning a team could run cars across all the different championships.


TCR is coming to the UK in 2018 and is sure to be a good feeder series to the BTCC for budding touring car competitors. Knockhill Racing Circuit will hold round 2 of the UK series across May 12th & 13th.

Motorbase Performance, who are the outfit behind Team Shredded Wheat Racing with Duo, have acquired a VW Golf TCR machine for the 2018 season. I joined them at Brands Hatch this week to bed in the new car and get to the bottom of a gear shift issue that had presented itself. With the problem solved early on we spent the rest our time focussed on car set up and I got the chance to get to know the car. 


Overall the car is really user friendly and it’s easier to get to grips with than the BTCC car, which is on more on a knife edge. I don’t mean it’s better or more fun, it’s just easier to find the limit and more forgiving. You can correct or hold a slide with less input and it has less effect on the lap time. Things like the paddle shift gearbox works really well but takes some of the driving technique out of the equation. I don’t feel that it lacks power either so all in all a nice package!